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  • Sex and handjob in raincoats

    It is Friday morning and we have a little time with her boyfriend. We'll have a pleasant moment, but a little unusual. I want to be wearing a cape! And I want to put on raincoats also my friend. I'm wearing wearing a transparent PVC raincoat and black wellies. My friend wears a green rubber raincoat, also has his feet on wellies and a gas mask on his head. Sex in the style of horsewoman! I feel a cock in my pussy and thrusts. Boyfriend handcuffed me and put it in my mouth ball gag. I was helpless with handcuffs, but I try to moves. In the second part of the video lying in the embrace of partner. My hands are still handcuffed, but yet to *****d a friend to orgasm.

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    • date: 05.11.2016
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  • Leather Lady and black leather opera gloves

    Leather Lady now has a first date with an unknown. The coming of my suitor is expected at any moment. It needs to prepare thoroughly, and my long leather gloves he certainly impress;)

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    • runtime: 3:07
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    • date: 26.12.2015
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  • Handcuffs, dirty wellies and raincoat

    My red-blue shiny raincoat is sexy! I like to wear it, an especially in the current rainy weather. As for ***ay how I also equipped for video? Besides the already mentioned PVC raincoats, I'm wearing red wellies, red gloves, black leather pants, rubber cap, swimming goggles, ball gag and handcuffs of course. My task is to test wellies in wet and muddy fields. Clumsy walking with handcuffs in muddy conditions ... Look at the detail of my muddy wellies. Subsequently I try to cleanse wellies in wet grass, it goes wrong. I'll try to go through cloudy puddles, perhaps in it will succeed wash my wellies.

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    • date: 22.10.2016
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  • Forest handjob in surgical gloves

    (Video on user request) My boyfriend is waiting for me handcuffed to a tree, with a ball gag and blindfolded. He's naked, with only black waders on his feet. He will be my slave ***ay, and he's going to milking. I'm dressed in a leather miniskirt, wellies and surgical gloves. Before I start handjob I will give the slave cloth hood to his head and fasten the rope. Now I am satisfied, the slave is immobilized, silent and with the hood on his head. I will light a cigarette and start handjob with surgical gloves until the slave orgasm ...

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    • date: 01.07.2017
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  • Angela's rubber day, Part: Sex

    My pussy was shaved about an hour ago. Now I lie on the bed and rest. I have hands tied behind back and I still have a gas mask on head. My husband gave me enough rest, now he wants sex with his tied rubber doll. My smooth, shaved pussy is sure to irritate and attract him. From the back he penetrates into my shaved vagina and fuck me until I feel the hot sperma inside the vagina.

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    • date: 11.10.2017
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  • Friday pantyhose bondage, part: Sex

    On Friday morning partner tied me to the bed with nylons . Scissors made a hole in a strategic location;). Originally he wanted to shave my overgrown pussy, but he was so excited at the sight of my body tied first me make love.

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    • runtime: 8:06
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    • date: 06.05.2015
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  • Leather Angel and tied slave (Leather gloves in action)

    My new long video: 'Leather Angel and tied slave' I have divided into two parts. This is the first one. I love the look on my bound and helpless slave. I tuned into the dominant mode and it is time for perverse games! Slave I firmly bound and tied to a mattress covered with a rubber sheet. Then I went to change clothes. Tight leather leggings, leather dress, leather boots and leather opera gloves ... In short, Angel dressed all in black leather. In the first part of the sufferers slave in leather gloves. Clogging the mouth, nose alternating with stroking slave's face. The slave also licking my fingers. Lick the skin of my fingers, he obviously likes it.

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    • runtime: 6:29
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    • resolution: 1280x720
    • date: 22.05.2016
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  • Handjob in satin coat

    (Video by request user) My slave again had to dress in women's clothes satin. I'm like satin Mistress dressed in a satin coat, shirt and leather skirt. Slave is tied up and gagged, waiting for me in the bedroom. Slave loud whining into the gag disturb me! Coming into the bedroom grab him by the hair and rebuke him. The time has come to play with your slave. First, tie around his head several satin scarves. Sensory deprivation using scarves I love a and slave also has a great gag in mouth. Comfortable to sit on a chair and begin to wonder about the the genitals slave. In the slave satin skirt is a hole! This hole I did already in the previous lesson. Pushing it through the hole cock and handjob begins. Again ******* a slave to orgasm! Cumshot is this time the on me satin coat. I leave and let the slave alone. So that he enjoyed a few moments of helplessness in bondage and a satin clothes.

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    • date: 10.10.2016
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  • My amateur bondage, September 16, 2017: Red shiny jacket

    My current bondage rubric "My bondage window" was renamed. From now on, I will publish my short bondage videos under the title "My amateur bondage" and will always indicate date when the video was filmed. ***ay's video was filmed spontaneously after returning from shopping. My husband wanted to see me tied up in outfit that I wore dressed in town. Why not? So, now tied to a chair in a shiny red jacket with a hood and black leather leggings. I'm tied with ropes, I have a ball gag and latex blindfold.

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    • date: 21.09.2017
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  • Showering housewife

    Is loosely based on previous video ... Dirty housewife must take a shower! Like it could be not only for lovers of wet jeans, but also wet leather and latex;)

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    • runtime: 4:29
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    • date: 12.07.2015
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  • Shaving time, part: Shaving penis

    My slave has for some time now unshaven penis and balls. I can not just let it go! I slave tied tightly to the bed in the style of a spread eagle. I brought my shaving gear and began to work with gusto. I dressed in leather dress and on hands i got white latex medical gloves. Shaving goes hard, because they are overgrown hairs. But after a moment's is penis shaven. I like how nice and smooth-shaven! What penis now, do I? In my head, I chasing different ideas. You'll find out in the second part.

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    • date: 23.06.2016
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  • Seat belt and handcuffs 5. (And with handcuffs, raincoat in the rain)

    This time I had to stand handcuffed in the rain, while my friend sitting in a warm car, and calmly smoking a cigarette :( OMG!Protests and calls. I want the car, I'm cold! My captor with compassion and allow me to get in the car. But first I have to walk in rubber boots puddles! Then I'm finally able to get into the car. But beware! I was still handcuffed and gagged. The car starts and drives me ... I do not know where.

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    • date: 11.04.2016
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  • The excitement of the lack pants

    Slave tied, handcuffed and blindfolded in a latex hood. My lack tight pants pretty flat to his face;)

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    • runtime: 5:56
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    • resolution: 1280x720
    • date: 02.05.2015
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  • My real sex (with handcuffs), part one: Foreplay and missionary

    Me and my partner weare ordinary kinky couple. Through video cameras you can peek into our bedroom. Here's a video footage of one early evening. With black hoods on their heads and leather clothes, we long to love and cuddling. The main role, however, are a handcuffs, which I was all the time on their hands. Video'm due to great lengths split into three parts. Here's part one.

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    • runtime: 11:49
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    • date: 04.02.2016
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  • Scarf Bondage 11.

    In the next part of my scarfbondage amateur video series, I not only tied with scarves, but also wrapped in a satin curtain. Just perfect satin mummy :-) But first, I am lying on the bed, naked only in nylons and panties. I am tied up a large amount of satin scarves. I also headscarves gagged and blindfolded by using a scarf. Here comes my friend. Cuddling and fondled of my helpless body. Also sucks my nipples and tells me tender words. Then, but desires to my mummification! Indeed satin curtain is already prepared for this, you just need to wrap satin curtains. Slowly and carefully packed up the curtains and ensures other scarves. As a final wrap up curtains my head and walks away. Now I am perfectly immobilization and mummified. Try in vain to extricate from the grasp scarves.

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    • date: 31.10.2016
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